Proud Sponsor of SportingDog Adventures

MyLymeTest | A Proud Sponsor of SportingDog Adventures

A Proud Sponsor of SportingDog Adventures

myLymeTest, the first ever provider of home blood collection kits for Lyme disease testing, is proud to be a sponsor of SportingDog Adventures for the second year running. myLymeTest hopes this sponsorship will help spread the word about the risks of undiagnosed Lyme disease and provide hunters with the tools they need to screen themselves regularly from the comfort of their own home.

“I spend a lot of time cutting fire wood, turkey hunting and doing field work in the spring. Deer ticks are a common occurrence, and the concern of getting Lyme disease is real if not inevitable. myLymeTest offers people like me a simple way to check for Lyme disease without the expense of seeing a doctor whether we have the symptoms or not. The kits are simple to use, inexpensive and worth the peace of mind they give.” M. Handrich, MN.

myLymeTest began their sponsorship of Sporting Dog Adventures back in 2017 after meeting Jeff Fuller at the Madison Deer and Turkey Expo. Their laboratory supervisor stated, “The pairing made perfect sense. Spending so much time outdoors puts Jeff and his family in the highest risk group for contracting Lyme. We figured if this is a product that Jeff thinks is important, hopefully his viewers will get behind it also. Jeff has been a huge help in getting our message out there.”

SportingDog Adventures mission is to provide family-friendly entertainment by including the entire Fuller family on-air. In addition to the family’s dogs, both Jeff’s wife Kate and his three boys contribute to nearly every episode, participating in hunts, learning conservation tips, cooking up the latest quarry, and of course, working with the dogs.

You can catch all new episodes of Season 8 of SportingDog Adventures on the Pursuit Channel. For more information on myLymeTest products, visit or call 1-844-774-5074.

Due to state laws we cannot provide human testing to residents of the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA or MD.

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