Babe Winkleman’s Tick-Borne Illness Information Center

MyLymeTest | A Proud Partner of Babe Winkleman’s Tick-Borne Illness Information Center

A Proud Partner of Babe Winkleman’s Tick-Borne Illness Information Center

Outdoor media legend Babe Winkelman is passionate about hunting, fishing and enjoying the great outdoors with his family and friends.

Over the years through his television shows, print publications and other media outlets, he has inspired a wide audience of people sharing his expert fishing and hunting tips and tricks. With that same charisma and passion, in January of this year Babe Winkelman Productions announced the launch of a dedicated tick-borne illness information center on the company’s website.

Ticks like to hunt too, lying in wait for the next warm-blooded creature to hop onto, embed themselves into and feed upon. The diseases that ticks carry are a real threat to anyone spending time outdoors. Babe Winkelman knows this first hand. Despite enjoying great professional success doing the things he loves to do outdoors, like hunting, small ticks the size of a poppy seed were not only a threat, but became a real health problem for him. Babe has had Lyme disease several times, and members of his family have also suffered from it. In addition, Babe witnessed friends dealing with the debilitating effects that Lyme disease can cause. One employee, in fact, lost his fight and died from complications attributed to the tick-borne illness.

Through all of this personal struggle, Babe realized that there is a lack of knowledge among the general public concerning ticks and the diseases that they carry. Because of this, he decided to do something about it. Arming himself with professionals from the field, the dedicated Tick-Borne Illness Information Center was developed. The purpose of the site is to provide information to the public about ticks and the diseases they can carry. The site contains advice and product endorsements for protecting yourself and your pets from tick attachment, advice on what to do in the instances of tick attachment and information concerning testing and screening for Lyme disease.

Coppe Laboratories in conjunction with myLymeTest™ is proud to be a selected collaborating partner for this project. Coppe Laboratories is a CLIA-licensed laboratory offering a comprehensive screening panel for arthropod-borne diseases. Coppe is the only commercial laboratory providing testing for Powassan virus, a virus that can cause serious symptoms such as brain swelling and can be transmitted from ticks to humans in as little as 15 minutes!

Developed by Coppe Laboratories as a convenient method to detect Lyme disease early, myLymeTest™ and K9myLymeTest™ are at-home blood collection kits that can be used as a screening tool to test you and your dog wherever and whenever you decide it is best to give you peace of mind. The kits can be used 4-6 weeks after a tick bite. Seeking treatment early provides the greatest chance for a full recovery from Lyme disease.

Along with Babe Winkelman’s goal to bring a wealth of useful information to the public about tick awareness and prevention, we at Coppe Laboratories and myLymeTest™ are proud to offer quality tick-borne disease testing that you can rely upon. Be proactive with your health and routinely screen yourself and your dog for Lyme using myLymeTest™ home blood collection kits. For complete tick-borne disease testing and chronic conditions that have lingered, choose Coppe Laboratories’ tick-borne panel and work with your physician to interpret the results and come up with a treatment plan if necessary.

Don’t worry – we’ve got you covered!

Due to state laws we cannot provide human testing to residents of the states of NY, NJ, RI, MA or MD.

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